About Us

John Plasko's Parents

Plasko’s Farm originated in 1925 by the first generation immigrants from Czechoslovakia, Martin and Mary Plasko. Martin was only 16 when he arrived to the United States. He worked on an Oyster boat in Norwalk for about 10 years before saving enough money to buy the land in Trumbull where he and his wife Mary would raise their family. The farm was continued by the next generation, John and Pauline Plasko. They established the 8-acre farm on Daniels Farm Road in 1952, as well as 20 acres of additional farmland.

John Plasko

In 1997, John and Pauline Plasko, along with the third generation, John Plasko Jr., rebuilt and expanded the farm to not only its original purpose of farming sweet corn and other produce, but also to include a full nursery, country store & bakery.

Plasko’s Farm is the last remaining fully operating farm in Trumbull.